December 09, 2011

Israeli technology to secure Asian rigs - Upstream Online

DSIT Solutions

An Israeli security technology company has said it has scooped what it believes to be the largest ever underwater security contract in the oil and gas industry.

Israeli technology to secure Asian rigs

DSIT Solutions will provide underwater security systems to an undisclosed Asian player to protect its offshore oil platforms, coastal energy terminals and high value vessels against underwater intrusion and sabotage.

Delivery is to start immediately and continue into next year in a contract valued at $12.3 million.

DSIT’s Dan Ben-Dov said that “as far as we know this is the largest contract for underwater security systems to be ordered by the oil & gas industry”.

Ben-Dov said the tie-up reinforced the company’s position in a market it believes it pioneered with a contract at a European-based terminal in 2007.

The provider’s key product line involves diver detection sonar systems that are designed to be operable automatically without trained sonar personnel.

The same technology is also being used by ports, naval bases, ships, nuclear facilities and VIP compounds, DSIT says.

Israeli technology to secure Asian rigs - Upstream Online

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