May 02, 2016

An #iPad Misplaced at the Airport Takes Its Own Vacation

This is fantastic! From The New York Times:

Using the Find My iPhone tracking feature, an owner follows the route of his device and goes online to post regular updates on its location.

An iPad Misplaced at the Airport Takes Its Own Vacation  
Last month, Shelby Bonnie’s iPad vanished from his carry-on bag somewhere at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after a red-eye flight from San Francisco. He figured he would never see it again.
But sometimes our devices aren’t ready to say goodbye.

...his iPad began a strange odyssey of its own, turning Mr. Bonnie into a digital gumshoe and the narrator of a personal thriller that played out on Facebook, to the delight of his online friends.
“I said, ‘I’m definitely going to lose my iPad, but I’m going to have some fun,’” Mr. Bonnie said in a phone interview.

ead the whole article online here:

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