February 11, 2011

Google Adds Two-step Verification To All Accounts |

Google Adds Two-step Verification To All Accounts |

Google has added additional security features to all Google Accounts, allowing users to undergo a two-step verification process in order to access their accounts.

The two step verification process was earlier set-up by Google as an additional security option to Google Apps users, but now the functionality is being offered to all Google Account holders.

When a user types in a password for their Google Account, the user will be redirected to a page where an additional code - which is sent directly to a user's registered mobile - will be required before they can access their account.

Google product manager Nishit Shah wrote in a blog post: “Two-step verification requires two independent factors for authentication, much like you might see on your banking Web site: your password, plus a code obtained using your phone.”

To activate the two step authentication feature, users have to click on the 'Using 2-step verification' link under their account settings menu. Google said that the activation process could take up to 15 minutes to finish.

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Google Adds Two-step Verification To All Accounts |

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