July 20, 2011

Hackers sabotage the Web sites of 2 Murdoch papers

LulzSec strikes again...

From The International Herald Tribune:

Hackers sabotage the Web sites of 2 Murdoch papers


Internet hackers took aim at Rupert Murdoch late Monday, defacing the sites of his best-selling British tabloid, The Sun, and shutting down the Web site of The Times of London. Visitors to The Sun's Web site were redirected to a page featuring a report saying Mr. Murdoch's dead body had been found in his garden.

Via Twitter, Lulz Security, an Internet hacking collective, took responsibility for that attack, calling it a successful part of ''Murdoch Meltdown Monday.''

Lulz Security, which has previously claimed hacking attacks on major entertainment companies, F.B.I. partner organizations and the C.I.A., said, ''This is only the beginning.'' It later took credit for shutting down News International's corporate Web site. Another hacking collective known as Anonymous claimed the cyberattack on the Web site of The Times.

News International, the British subsidiary of News Corp. is at the center of the phone hacking scandal in Britain.

Lulz Security is known for its denial-of-service attacks, which can bring down Web sites by flooding them with thousands of service requests a second. The group's Twitter account, @LulzSec, has more than 300,000 followers. The group operates anonymously.

The attack on the newspapers began after hackers posted a fake obituary for Mr. Murdoch that said he had ''ingested a large quantity of palladium.''

Earlier on Monday, a LulzSec member called Sabu said in a Twitter message that the hackers were ''sitting on (Sun/News of the World) e-mails.''

LulzSec then released on Twitter what it said were the contact details and log-ins of News International employees. It was not possible to verify if the details were genuine. (BLOOMBERG, REUTERS)

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