October 26, 2015

Are Some Tech #Startups ‘Subprime’? - Moritz from Sequoia Capital seems to think so

In the age of the #unicorn, many are prioritizing valuations  over deal terms. 

" to those who seem to be­lieve that the cur­rent state of af­fairs is sus­tain-able, I would ask this: When in his-tory has ever-in­creas­ing fi­nan­cial com­plex­ity, lack of trans­parency, per­verse in­cen­tives and new ways to ex­tend credit and in­crease lever-age not even­tu­ally led to dis­as­ter?"

This from The Wall Street Journal.

Are Some Tech Startups 'Subprime'?

D.J. Macias

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